I recently returned to Chicago from a 3 week trip to Mexico.

If you deal with winter where you live, you probably understand me when I say the feeling of the sun, sand, and heat on my skin was much needed for my creative inspiration and motivation.

Before leaving, I was working 2 part-time jobs while hustling on Bird Trouble.  Choosing to run a small business surely is fulfilling but it isn't all fun and games.  You need to take charge and stay positive during difficult long days.  You also have to remember to give yourself a break.

Two newer Bird Trouble bags accompanied myself on this trip to Mexico because I wanted to test their style and functionality.

The FOXYCAT Bag made a perfect stylish travel bag. I really noticed it when I would easily change it from a packed backpack to a casual cross-body shoulder bag with just the flip of the strap clasp.  This was important to me because when I'm in a crowd of people, I feel more secure having my bag in front of me instead of on my back.

The {ombre style} RADLEY Bag made it out to be a fantastic and stylish cross-body bag.  It turned into a glamourous sassy evening clutch when I removed the strap.  In one day, I could easily be cool chick enjoying a mercado adventure day and classy cool lady really enjoying my mezcal date night.

Remember you have the option of nickel or brass hardware for all Bird Trouble bags.  If you need help choosing your hardware, contact us.  We are more than happy to help you.

I'm happy to be back in Chicago.  It feels good to get back into my work groove and to look forward to your 2017 Bird Trouble orders!  xx Cheers - Alexz