RECAP ** Women's Moto Exhibit at RNR Harley Davidson

Man, this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio at the Women's Moto Exhibit by Lanakila MacNaughton at the Rock and Roll Harley Davidson gave Kayleigh and I a real good time! So many people were straight up generous with their knowledge of what sort of bags they like to wear when they ride and of upcoming motorcycle events they would recommend.

The Melissa Convertible Bag was the most popular. I'm proud that my designs are functional for women motorcycle riders and I'm definitely interested in having Bird Trouble showcase at events based on motorcycle culture. 

Lana's photos showed incredible wild and free women on their motorcycles like she has for the last 5 years. Her photos show community. They show a glimpse of how these women she connects with through her passion of riding. They all enjoy their bliss, going on trips, and empowering each other.

Kayleigh and I had a blast because we were so fortunate to receive such Midwest hospitality. The after-party at Skidmark Garage in East Cleveland was super cool to check out. Kayleigh was inspired to build her own motorcycle garage and the owner of Skidmark Garage welcomed her interest with open arms.

We went out to a local bar to meet up with a few sweet and fun gals from Harley/Skidmark, then to a dive bar, and then dancing. The next day I was a tiny bit hung over. It was amazing.