Miranda & the Hip Bag | On The Road in Saddle Elk Leather

Miranda came to visit the Bird Trouble Nest recently to catch up and model for me. I’m all about Miranda’s cool beachy style. Comfortable but still fashionable. Funny thing to note about Miranda and I… we met in the sand, in front of the old Bird Trouble RV Mobile Shop, at a concert, while I was vending my bags. Yup, all that at once.

I styled Miranda with the On The Road Hip Bag in the Saddle Pull Up Elk Leather ($114 - $134)

I love this leather paired with her jeans but I love how the style itself adds to the comfort vibes. There’s nothing more comfortable than not having to worry about leaving your purse behind, because your purse is clipped onto your jeans you wont have to worry.

Now that I think about it, I should have had Miranda wear more than one style. I should have taken more photos. It’s cool though - I’m a noob photographer also doing a million other things soooo I wont guilt myself too hard. This was my first go at it! I’m just trying to bring you rad content of what goes on around here IRL.

We'’ll see this peach again soon, anyway! IRL and in a video… that is coming soon but I’m going to be very vague about it…. :-) Thanks Miranda!