Brittany's personal collection of custom Bird Trouble bags.

A while back my customer Brittany sent me this image of her custom leather Bird Trouble collection and I’ve COMPLETELY forgotten to share until now. Ugh! What’s taken me so long? I stopped in my tracks and looked in awe at how lovely this picture is when I opened the Instagram message from her.

Brittany is actually my muse for the Brittany Convertible Bag pictured at the center bottom. It was a remake of the shape of one of her favorite bags that was tearing apart. She sent me photos, sketches, measurements, details she wanted. I love when my customers have a vision like this. It’s so fun to work with someone who is also an artistic and creative soul.

The one at the top left is Brittany’s full size Melissa Convertible Bag that is hand dyed cowhide coal to canyon and the one on the right is the Mini Melissa Convertible Bag hand dyed cowhide coal. Brittany loves hand-stitching and hand dyed raw fringe so all three bags include both of those upgrades and the Melissa’s also include added handles.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on Brittany’s personal collection!

xo, Alexz