I'm so excited to introduce the colors you can choose for your design.

I'm so excited to introduce the colors you can choose for your design.


I’ve recently come across a family business that provides USA harvested and USA tanned elk leather. The quality of the hides offered are remarkable and so unique! I’m very excited to create with these colors. Please note these may be limited due to the harvest season. These elk leathers are 4 - 4.5oz in weight.

What’s a pull up leather?

Pull up leathers are colored with aniline dyes that are sealed using natural oils and/or waxes instead of paints, pigments and top coats. They end up having a colored wax or oil finish on the top. Pull-Up leather is therefore also called as waxed leather or oiled leather. Once this leather is broken in, the top oil layer pulls off and releases the brighter dye layer below.



The hand dyed options are at the bottom of this post. Please keep in mind that your hand dyed leather may come out a little different from the photo shown due to the hand dyed nature. These all natural leather dye colors are sealed with a natural all-weather purpose wax & conditioner. We hand dye vegetable tanned cowhide leather shoulder hides in a 3oz for our goods.

  1. Coal

  2. Bison

  3. Canyon

  4. Yellow

  5. Purple

  6. Red

  7. Green

  8. Blue

  9. Gold

  10. Bublegum Pink

  11. Turquoise

  12. Pyrite

  13. Bison Gold

  14. Bronze

  15. Desert Gold

  16. Glam Plum

  17. Glam Envy

  18. Blue Gold

  19. Sun Gold

  20. Bubblegum Gold

  21. Rose Gold

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