Hello birds! Alexz here.

The shop update is Friday June 7 @ 7am CT.

At the bottom of this post, I shared photos of a handful of handmade Bird Trouble bags you’ll see in the next Ready To Ship collection update in the Bird Trouble web store. There will be about 40 new leather products!

I’ve been working really hard these last few weeks creating another batch of leather goods using the beautiful pull up elk leather I recently received. This leather is remarkable. Pull up leather has a wax / oil layer on top and as it stretches, the wax pull changes. This leather even feels like it has a wax coat on top.

I’m proud to note that the elk leather is harvested and tanned right here in the USA and I purchase it straight from the tannery itself and they are supplied by the hunters they’re in relations with. It’s a very cool transparent process. The tannery has a small staff with the lead being a father and son team.

One thing to note about the Brunello color - it IS exclusive. I might not be able to make another batch and if I can, it will probably be the last. My supplier had it as a sample only.

After much excitement for the Xtina Convertible Bag, I’m adding it Made To Order so you can custom design your own from the beginning. This style has a more traditional looking backpack body with all the fringe flair we love.

I’ve been really happy staying busy with Bird Trouble these last few weeks. The work isn’t stopping either. I just finished all of these and have to immediately jump back on the bench to work on about a dozen customs.

Recently I’ve been reminding myself to take a day or a half of a day to relax or go on an adventure so that the stress of work doesn’t cloud my creativity and drive. Long bike rides outside of the city with my new bike rack and attending local community events are my mental health rewards this month. I appreciate all of you waiting for your orders and these shop updates! It’s important to me to keep the web store and the nest stocked.

Back to work I go! Leave me a comment telling me which your favorites are!