heirlooms Made in the usa: bird trouble bags are DESIGNED AND HANDmade from start to finish in chicago IL by alexz sandoval. the collection is truly handmade in the usa which is part of the brand’s mission. the products we create will last a lifetime so each product has a warranty. bird trouble isn’t just make functional and fashionable goods - these products are heirlooms that hold story overtime.

our production: First comes an idea, a sketch, a PROTOTYPE, and then we create a paper pattern to stay consistent. WE CUT THE LEATHER by hand to ensure each piece is cut from the strongest part of the leather hide. WE hand DYE THE LEATHER using eco-dyes that hold no toxic chemicals, which is extremely important to our mission. after the leather is dry from a first coat, we usually add a few more coats, repeat, and then we apply a top coat conditioner. WE CUT THE FRINGE, WE PUNCH THE HOLES, we set THE RIVETS, spend at least 30 minutes on any HAND STITCHING, and then we sew each piece together.

customer service: bird trouble is proud to have prompt communication and honest, genuine, compassionate communication. we are proud to fix any problems that arise and promise to make our customer the most important thing to us - next to creating rad products, of course. wE'RE ALWAYS HERE TO ANSWER ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS so please don’t be shy to reach out.

EXCLUSIVITY: Bird Trouble is sold DIRECTLY TO OUR CUSTOMERS through our e-commerce, our Chicago BRICK AND MORTAR + WORKSHOP, AT LOCAL pop ups, and chosen retailers THROUGH OUT america.


the designer of bird trouble alexz sandoval has always wanted to pave her own way in life as an artist. she has always been inspired by her adventurous and hard working family who relocated to america from mexico. AS A CHILD, she enjoyed watching her grandparents sew FOR A LIVING. HER SUPPORTIVE PARENTS GIFTED HER THE first sewing machine in high school BECAUSE SHE EXCELLED IN independent fashion design class. ALEXZ CONTINUED TO studY fashion design at harper college in palatine, il. after college, alexz OPENED AN ETSY STORE CALLED “BIRD TROUBLE” TO selL HER HANDMADE FABRIC WALLETS AND BAGS. BUSINESS GREW FROM THEN ON. HER FAVORITE PART OF RUNNING A BUSINESS IS BEING a part of the small business AND MAKER community. PERSONALLY, SHE LOVES learning how to be HER best self - ENTREPRENEUR - communicator - ACTIVIST FOR SUSTAINABLE FASHION. SHE ALSO TAKES ON FREELANCE SEWING GIGS FOR MOST SOFT GOODS.