About the brand

Our mission: Intentional grass root design is Bird Trouble’s mission. Bird trouble is a woman owned, self-funded, design and manufacturing business that takes pride in creating vegtan leather bags for consumers looking for a different buying experience. Bird trouble customers are thoughtful with their spending, as they want quality over quantity, and conscious to spend on sustainable fashion.

The Bird Trouble Tribe: Our family of customers and supporters appreciate the handcrafted nature of Bird Trouble. They’re rad people who live by their own map and their own rules. They’re usually creative, strong-willed, adventurous folks who appreciate quality and functionality. Bird Troubler customers and supports are designers, artists, bartenders, dancers, motorcycle enthusiasts, students, mothers, chefs, hair stylists, photo stylists, morticians, nurses, and so much more… We’re constantly blown away by how awesome all our customers are.

Who + where?: Bird Trouble is designed and handmade from start to finish in the north west side of Chicago, IL by Alexz Sandoval. Each collection is truly handmade in small batches and each order is handmade one at a time.

Quality: Bird Trouble stands behind the quality our craftwomanship so each bag has a 5 year warranty. Bird Trouble goods are heirlooms. Leather looks better each year and the value grows overtime. Let us know if, overtime, your Bird Trouble needs a zipper, a rivet replacement, or perhaps a re-stitch.

Care: To best care for your Bird Trouble, condition it once a season with a cloth and a natural conditioner such as beeswax or neem oil. If your bag gets wet, hang it to dry. If spilling occurs, absorb any much excess liquid as you can. If it affects the color of your bag, embrace the beauty or email us to see if we can add a layer of dye to the exterior.

Our production: 6-8 hours are spent making each bag from start to finish. An idea comes to mind, a sketch goes onto (usually) paper, and then a bag pattern is created. The leather is cut by hand to ensure each piece is cut from the strongest part of the leather hide. Each piece is hand dyed water based dyes that hold no toxic chemicals which is extremely important to the brand mission of artisanal tradition. After the leather is dry from a few coats of dye and a top conditioner / sealer, the fringe is cut, the holes are punched, the rivets are set, the hand-stitching details are added, and the bag is sewn complete on an industrial sewing machine.

Customer service: Bird Trouble is proud to have prompt communication and honest, genuine, compassionate communication. The customer’s needs are a priority.

Exclusivity: Bird Trouble is sold directly to our customers through our e-commerce, our Chicago brick and mortar + workshop, at local pop ups, and chosen retailers through-out America and Canada.